Reopen Stalybridge Market Hall

We need your help to get Stalybridge Market reopened again.

We’re already hard at work, delivering the changes people want. We've managed to get potholes fixed and roads resurfaced in Stalybridge. We are fighting your corner to protect our local greenbelt. And we've been working with the police to cut down anti-social behaviour.

Whilst Ashton have had over £4.5m spent on their new outdoor market and over £33m to move the bus station a couple of yards to create a new "Tameside Interchange", Stalybridge has seen no investment from Tameside Council to improve our town centre and our market has remained closed for years - only to be occupied by council staff.

Liam Billington, Conservative Party Candidate for Stalybridge South said "People want to see their market back. It's a travesty that Tameside Council closed Stalybridge Market in the first place. All this has done is move shoppers away from Stalybridge and into Ashton. This is totally unfair on our small businesses who contribute a lot to our local economy. Stalybridge has a real opportunity to be a real gem of a town centre, but local decision making at the council is holding us back. I can see Stalybridge becoming the next Uppermill with the right care and attention that our town deserves. Trafford Council faced similar issues with Altrincham having one of the highest levels of empty shops in the country due to the Trafford Centre being close by. They have invested in their town centre and revitalised their market hall which is providing a huge increase in footfall to the town. If Trafford can do this, so can Tameside."

The Conservatives are calling on Tameside Council to reopen Stalybridge Market Hall to help regenerate our town centre and to provide a boost to local businesses and employment in the area. Please fill in the petition below and let us know your views - so we can make Stalybridge a better place to live.


Reopen Stalybridge Market Petition

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I support Liam Billington and the Conservatives to reopen Stalybridge Market Hall