On-Street Parking Charges Survey

Originally posted: 24/02/2018

Your local Conservatives have been opposing plans by Labour-run Tameside Council to start charging shoppers through their mobile phones to park on the street in Ashton town centre.

At the moment, drivers are able to park on Stamford Street for up to an hour, and Penny Meadow for 30 minutes, for free whilst they nip in to the shops and offices. This helps local businesses and supports our town centre.

Late last year Labour councillors at the Town Hall announced plans to introduce parking meters on streets throughout Ashton town centre - and you will have to use a mobile phone to pay!

It will cost £5 to park for more than two hours - the highest charge in Greater Manchester outside the city centre. Labour say they need to raise more money for services - but the money from this scheme cannot, by law, be spent on schools, care for the elderly or on local health services. Your local Conservatives oppose this parking charge hike - brandishing it "damaging" and "shameful".

Cllr Paul Buckley, Conservative councillor for Ashton Hurst, is spearheading the campaign against the charges.

"Having to register on your mobile phone will put off many residents from shopping in Ashton, especially older people and those who don't like passing their bank details over the internet. This will make things harder for local businesses. The Conservatives are committed to introducing FREE parking in our town centres to support local shops, and put more money in the pockets of local residents."

You can have your say on Labour's shameful parking hike by filling in our online survey.

On Street Parking Survey

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Your local Conservatives are campaigning to oppose the introduction of charging to park your car on the street of Ashton town centre. This will hit the local economy, put shops out of business and destroy our town. Tell us what you think.