Audenshaw Trough

Located in 1879, at the junction of Manchester Road and Audenshaw Road in Audenshaw, this cattle and horse drinking trough is made of polished Cornish granite and has been a local iconic land mark for many years.

Last summer, with the support of your local Conservatives, local residents were granted permission to replant and tend to the Trough. This was widely supported by many local residents, who thanked us for helping make our town look nice.

Late last year we approached Tameside Council again; asking for permission to look after the small piece of land opposite the Trough to further showcase Audenshaw by growing sustainable flowers and plants. This was rejected by Tameside Council as it is not seen as a priority to the area, and they claim there are health and safety issues.

Your local Conservatives will continue to challenge this decision, and we will continue to make Audenshaw looking nice our priority.